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--Roof panel , wall panel roll forming machine series
--Glazed tile roll forming machine series
--Floor plate roll forming machine series
--C , Z steel purline roll forming machine series
--Double-deck color steel tile roll forming machine series
--Roll shutter door roll forming machine series
--Clip core board line series
--Ridge tile , attached roll forming machine series
--Highway guardrail roll forming machine series
--Arch equipment (forming machine) series
--Checking level machine series
--Plate cut-off equipment series
--Uncoiler or stacker series
--Drainpipe roll forming machine series
--Plate shearing machine、bending machine、Slitter machine series
--Other supporting facilities
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Rapid development of information technology depth and comprehensive expend of China's reform and open have brought numerous opportunities and challenges to the Chinese enterprises. HuaTong roll forming machinery factory griped opportunities, meet challenges, closely relied on the abundant talent advantage , scientific and technological advantages, has became an outstanding manufacturer of the roll forming machinery production equipment manufacturers in china , every step of development embody effort of "HuaTong roll forming machinery factory" , every step of development be wrote in the glory of HuaTong machinery factory .

When the tide of global economic integration is rolling in, the internationalization of an increasingly competitive, the China's accession to the WTO, the traditional management concepts and methods are experiencing unprecedented challenges and changes. Competition between individual enterprises will not be reviewed almost exist, will be replaced by corporate groups and business competition between groups. Such enterprises as the core brand new type of enterprise groups, the League of economic resources that are rapidly formed body. How to enhance the competitiveness of Union is the Union's core businesses have to face the important issue. HuaTong roll forming machinery factory in 2001 introduced the concept of the overall management of enterprises and its six sub-system solutions for the economic resources of the League of Management offers advanced solutions in HuaTong roll forming machinery factory has a history of the development of landmark significance.

Sail against the current, or falls behind; journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The face of strong opponents such as the lam, in the face of the wave of information technology, it is gratifying is that we always steadily forward. "Lead, innovation, integration, and Service" is our corporate philosophy. We believe that we are going to a new posture to meet the new challenges, and in the new century to achieve greater glory, realize a higher leap. Finally, we sincerely hope that HuaTong roll forming machinery factory can continue to receive community support and assistance, and give us many years co-operation and support of user friends, partners and government leaders to extend my heartfelt thanks!


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