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--Roof panel , wall panel roll forming machine series
--Glazed tile roll forming machine series
--Floor plate roll forming machine series
--C , Z steel purline roll forming machine series
--Double-deck color steel tile roll forming machine series
--Roll shutter door roll forming machine series
--Clip core board line series
--Ridge tile , attached roll forming machine series
--Highway guardrail roll forming machine series
--Arch equipment (forming machine) series
--Checking level machine series
--Plate cut-off equipment series
--Uncoiler or stacker series
--Drainpipe roll forming machine series
--Plate shearing machine¡¢bending machine¡¢Slitter machine series
--Other supporting facilities
¡¡¡¡Human resources

Our concept on talent
1. Talent is the soul of enterprise¡¯s management and development.

2. Talent is the fundamental factor of enterprise¡¯s development, is the first resource of enterprise.

3. Competition among modern enterprises is competition of talent in the final analysis. Who has talent, who will occupy the commanding heights of competition in the market.

4. Over the years, we have been introducing all kinds of talents, in the development process of human resources,we insist on concept innovation, system norms, perfect service, solidarity and cooperation to create an open, fair and equitable work environment and career stage for talent.


Our strategy on talent

1. Talent strategy is an important part of enterprise¡¯s development strategy.

2. ¡°People-oriented¡± is the basic principle of human resources strategy to achieve talent strategy of huatong.

3. ¡°Acquire talent, make the best use of talent, develop talent" is the core of human resources strategy.

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